LG SJ8 Soundbar Review: Slim Body, Thick Bottom

LG SJ8 Soundbar

The LG SJ8 soundbar is a perfect complement for today’s slim-profile, thin-bezel televisions. The SJ8 itself has a very low profile and exists discreetly in front your television. It is very unlikely to get in the way of the TV’s Infrared sensors.

Just by looks alone, the SJ8 makes a very compelling purchase. It’s so inconspicuous. Physical buttons are much appreciated at times, and in this case, the designers have cleverly hidden it away at the rear, although it will not be much help if you intend to wall mount the soundbar. The display is mounted on the front and can be easily read as well.

In terms of sound, it is a noticeable upgrade over your TV speakers, though it depends on the quality of your TV’s inbuilt speakers, to begin with. The SJ8 sounds best in the middle of its audible range, but then again, you really wouldn’t want to be using this close to maximum volume. The sound is quite well-rounded, and the wireless sub-woofer helps to give it substantial body – sometimes a little too much – although fine details are not the strength of this system.

Physical connections are somewhat limited, although that is understandable as the SJ8 was designed for minimalist setups. One HDMI input and one output (HDCP 2.2, 4K passthrough) and one S/PDIF input are provided, and no more. It’s perfect if your watching experience is centred around online content that you can obtain through your Smart TV, but hooking up extra TV boxes or video game consoles and it becomes a bit trickier.

Wirelessly, it has the requisite Google Cast and Spotify integrations and using the Music Flow app; you can incorporate local and connected content as well. On the whole, it’s a bit like getting a premium upgrade for your TV speakers.

Rating: 3.5/5

The LG SJ8 is a pleasant-sounding soundbar that is designed for a user that just wants a clean-looking upgrade over their TV speakers and has some support for music streaming as well. It doesn’t have much in terms of connectivity, but it is pretty easy to setup and use and will suit those who don’t plan to build an elaborate home theatre setup.