Joanna Lydia turns up the music with the sleek KEF Gravity One

Former New Face finalist Joanna Lydia has a pretty busy life right now with her undergraduate studies, event modelling and social media activities, as you can tell if you pop by her Instagram profile @JLKSL. To unwind, she bakes cakes and pastries and listens to music, which makes the sleek KEF Gravity One an ideal Bluetooth speaker to listen to. With its refined styling – a result of a collaboration with Porsche Design – this small speaker delivers KEF’s signature high-fidelity sound with miniature Uni-Q drivers for a full 360-degree listening experience.

“I’m familiar with Bluetooth speakers because I have one at home. Although, I don’t usually use it as when I want to unwind at home, I usually watch movies and videos. When Joanna LydiaI’m travelling or reading, I listen to music with my earphones and I’m pretty updated on the latest music as I subscribe to Apple Music and download all the latest albums – I like pop songs from Ed Sheeran as well as Mandopop. I kinda think the KEF Gravity One speaker is very sleek, small and modern and I’m quite surprised that for something so small the sound is very clear – you can really hear the beat of the music. It does feels a bit heavy to me, which I guess is due to its batteries and the need to keep it stable. This also has a few controls conveniently placed on top so you can just control the volume from the speaker instead of reaching for your mobile.”

– Joanna Lydia


KEF Gravity One

KEF Gravity One