NXT’s Great Turbo Built-in Oven Deal

Turbo Built-in Oven Deal

Buy a Turbo built-in oven and receive a FREE Blanc 20cm round baking tray (Worth $30) from now to 30 April 2021.

Turbo’s built-in ovens have more volume compared to the rest, where they have capacities of up to 65 litres or more in size. With that, users can prepare big feast easily. On top of that, the glass doors have double and triple insulation where heat will spread evenly with its internal fan, and thus, users can save more on electricity bills while maintaining the quality of the food.

There are few models with different functions to choose from depending on the usage, including 3 functions, 5 functions, 7 functions or 8 functions. T

More information about the products can be found on www.turbo-italia.com.