Stay Clean, Stay Healthy on the Go with these Travelmall Switzerland Hygiene Products!

My experience with this pandemic has been improved with the Multi-functional UV Sterilizer Station, the Justice League Ioniser, King’s Metal Mask Bag, and a toothbrush steriliser from Travelmall Switzerland. My first article on these items mentioned their functionalities and how I use them in my daily life at home. This article will focus more on how portable they are as I bring them around with me during these dire times.

Clarissa with Travelmall Justice League Ioniser

Justice League Ioniser

Hanging this around my neck improves the quality of air around me. Although the effects are not tangible, I know that it is doing good for me as the product has been proven to reduce pollutants and purify the air within a range of 1-2 feet, thus providing better hygiene on the move. Not to mention that I love Wonder Woman and it is so cute to have it hang around my neck! When I leave the house, it is on the list of essential items that I must to bring along with me, along with my King’s Mask Metal Bag.

Travelmall Multi-Functional UV Steriliser

Multi-Functional UV Steriliser

Travelmall Switzerland has designed a Multi-functional UV Sterilizer Station to sterilize and kill bacteria most identified on smartphones’ displays, thanks to its built-in UV-C technology. I can even plug it into my laptop! It is so portable and convenient and I bring it out with me whenever I need to work. We usually overlook the hygiene of our handphones so bringing this around is a great reminder for me to stay germ-free.

Travelmall King’s Mask Metal Bag

King’s Mask Metal Bag

Honestly, this has been a life saver. Many times I have experienced taking off my mask for food but have nowhere clean to keep it. Keeping it in this bag keeps the mask hygienic and gives me the reassurance that I would not be putting unwanted germs on my face. Afterall, that would defeat the purpose of wearing a mask!

Travelmall Multi-Directional Solar-Powered UV-C Toothbrush Sterilizer

Multi-Directional Solar-Powered UV-C Toothbrush Sterilizer

To maintain proper dental hygiene, I brush my teeth between meals as much as I can. Bringing this sterilizer with me not only reminds me to keep my teeth clean, it also helps me to keep my toothbrush clean as I keep it in my bag. The MobileSteri Multi-directional Solar-Powered UV-C Sterilizer Toothbrush Cap removes bacteria from my toothbrush anywhere anytime without the need for wired charging as it is charged by three solar panels.

As I spend more time with these products, I realise how small and portable they are, and how minimal is the effort to do our part in curbing the spread of the virus.

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