NXT Angel Zhi Min Doodles on the Apple iPad Air

I haven’t tried the Apple iPad Air before but I’m quite familiar with Apple products – I own a MacBook Air and my family shares an older iPad. I’m actually quite surprised at how slim the iPad Air compares to my older iPad and it has a bigger screen! I’ve tried out the Apple Pencil before on my friend’s iPad (2018) and I think it’s made drawing and writing on a tablet very simple and easy, though it’s not something I’d need or use.

I think the iPad Air has become very useful, especially if you get the iPad Air with the Smart Keyboard (S$248) which turns it into a very light and portable device for taking to lectures for note-taking. In fact, the reason why I bought my MacBook Air years ago was that it was so I could carry it in my school bag, but even back when it was new it was underpowered and especially now compared to how speedy the iPad Air feels – I tried out an AR game, Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs which turns a table top into a base that you have to launch birds againsts – that was really fun to play, and I also tried watched a Netflix video and everything was just so smooth.

I’m honestly so used to using my MacBook Air of schoolwork, web surfing and watching Youtube videos that I hardly even touch the iPad I have at home because I like using keyboards, but I’m probably going to update my old MacBook Air within the year and I may now consider the iPad Air and iPad Pro as viable alternatives as they have optional keyboards.”

Zhi Min is about to start her second year at university where she’s studying Mass Communication with a major in communications. You can find her on Instagram @zhi.minz where she usually posts about the people in her life.

Apple iPad Air

Apple’s latest iPad Air may seem like it recycled some retro design cues from its predecessors, specifically what is now considered to be rather ‘thick’ bezels, but it’s a completely new tablet machine boasting a sharp 10.5-inch Retina display with True Tone, TouchID, Apple’s current A12 Bionic chipset and Apple Pencil (1st Gen) capabilities. Apple has been careful to ensure the iPad Air (and mini) stay out of iPad Pro territory (hence it reverts to a Lightning connector and the physical TouchID button) but as its running the same processor (with M12 coprocessor) and 3GB RAM as the iPhone XR the new iPad Air is a powerful and well priced tablet.

From S$749