The Samsung Galaxy S10+ Captures Memories Stunningly

The camera is undoubtedly one of the handiest features on a smartphone. It is nothing short of a must-have – I use it just about everyday, be it to take casual photos with my friends for the memories or to share with others what I’m having for lunch.

The rising importance of photography as a medium to document everyday life on social media has also placed a high value on the aesthetics of these photographs. Therefore, I often fret about the clarity and the color profile of my photos, because as delicious as my unagi rice bowl is, this sentiment cannot be conveyed the same way to my friends over Instagram with a dull, blurry photo! But from my 2-week long experience with using the Samsung Galaxy S10+, it’s safe to say that I don’t have to worry much about dim lighting anyway, because it’s cutting-edge camera helps me to capture photographs that are instantly shareable.

Wide Angles: No More Squeezing!

Fun fact: my previous phone had to sadly be sent for repairs, so the S10+ was almost something of a godsend. I brought the Samsung Galaxy S10+ along to my best friend’s birthday party with no expectation of having to take any photographs for the night, since her boyfriend had brought along a professional DSLR camera. However, when we tried to recreate the same shot with both the DSLR and the S10+, we found that the S10+ delivered more vibrant, vivid images that encapsulated the lively atmosphere of the party very well.

This is because the Samsung Galaxy S10+ camera automatically suggests the most suitable image compositions. Needless to say, with everyone agreeing that the S10+ performed better in terms of producing richer colours, I became the event’s unofficial photographer! Here are some shots I took during the event:

Event photo taken with the Samsung Galaxy S10+

Photo taken with Samsung Galaxy S10+

The Ultra Wide camera with a 123-degree field of vision also proved to be the MVP of the night. Using a normal camera, my friends were able to capture only their upper bodies when posing against a white brick wall in an enclosed area, but I was able to effortlessly lend them a hand with the Samsung and captured them in their entirety.

Ultra wide photo with the Samsung Galaxy S10+

Works Just As Well Outdoors

A problem I used to encounter in the past when taking outdoor shots would be the lighting wildcard – thanks to the mercurial nature of the elements, I often ended up with over or underexposed photographs. However, during my own 21st birthday celebration (an outdoor picnic), I once again brought along the Samsung Galaxy S10+ along and was rewarded for placing my trust in the right device. Photographs turned out perfectly despite the blazing hot sun, thanks to its revolutionary camera feature which intelligently tailors its settings to your environment.

Outdoor photo taken with the Samsung Galaxy S10+

Sleek Yet Comfortable Infinity Display

Front and back views of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ smartphone

More than just its camera, I also loved using the Samsung Galaxy S10+ because of its Infinity-O Display, a mammoth upgrade from the tiny screen on my previous phone. The Dynamic AMOLED screen is also paired with stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos, which made for stunningly immersive weekend Netflix breaks. I was also able to recreate the cinema experience by watching my favorite films in the dark without worrying about straining my eyes thanks to the AMOLED screen emitting a reduced amount of harmful blue light. Moreover, it stood out impressively to my friends, who fawned over its lithe, sophisticated design. In particular, I liked its convenient biometric abilities, with an in-display fingerprint sensor, and hyper fast face recognition feature which allowed me to use my phone seamlessly without hassle.

All in all, definitely a worthy investment and worthy improvement from its predecessors in the Samsung Galaxy family!