The Canon Mini Photo Printer Makes Tiny Prints that are Full of Fun

Photo of Vanessa on the Canon Mini Photo Printer

Canon Mini Photo Printer for a Birthday Celebration

2018 has seen the revival of instant cameras as they’re fun to use, great for sharing, and very convenient. But the one problem with that hasn’t been fixed is the lack of a preview function, which means I end up wasting a lot of $1+ prints on unglamorous shots. This is where instant printers like the Canon Mini Photo Printer come in to solve the problem. I can snap as many photos as I like, take the time to edit them, and print only the best shots.

At my birthday party on 26th, I had a pretty photobooth decorated in black and gold theme to ensure that at the end of the night, everyone has great pictures taken. Since so much effort was put into the photobooth, I thought I should go a little further and let the guests take home a printed copy of the picture. It’s a refreshing memento as most parties nowadays are only captured by Instastories that disappear after 24 hours. A printed picture, however, will last for a long time.

Canon Mini Photo Printer

The photos are printed on 2” by 3”  ZINK Photo Paper that use an embedded dye crystal system, so no ink is required. I opted for the sticker output option and the prints came out smudge-free, and water and tear resistant.

Fun Tools for Photo Editing

Just like any wireless printing job with a Canon printer, I had to first download the Canon Mini Print app. The app is very intuitive and includes creative filters such as photo frames and stickers, augmented reality (AR) face distortion, as well as additional photo-editing tools including added text, fun frames, and the option to draw. Think of it as a way to pour out your thoughts and creativity.

Canon Mini Photo Printer

A lot of my friends who came to the party are from different social circles, so what I like to do for my own prints is to label them with how I met them, such as Jam ‘N’ Hop (my school’s business pageant), Kent Ridge Hall, or VJC. Throw in a few emojis and my pictures are all ready to be printed.

No Bulky Printers at a Party

I suppose the people who would fancy the Canon Mini Photo Printer are those who enjoy the fun of printing, adding little doodles in their pictures, and gifting these prints to friends during birthdays. I certainly do not expect the same quality of printing that the Canon Pixma offers, which is built for more professional use. I can’t imagine bringing a bulky printer to the party as well when there was so much to handle already like my speakers, drinks, and decorations. I would also risk having someone spill drinks on it. A portable printer certainly makes more sense.

Vanessa with the Canon Mini Photo Printer

The print quality is good, and the colours are vibrant. However, the details might not be very sharp. Certainly we can’t blame the slightly grainy print quality on the printer as some pictures are taken from our smartphone, not a camera. My friend, Brandon, took some snaps on his Canon 5D Mark III and it helped with the quality of the prints. There is also the option of printing pictures directly from your social media feed, but I strictly stick to printing pictures from my photo gallery as Instagram compresses your images when they are posted.

Funky Tokidoki Accessories

The Canon Mini Photo Printer I got came in a gift set with free Tokidoki gifts that are worth $98. The gifts include a cute pouch to fit the compact printer comfortably with a compartment meant for spare Zink Photo Paper, a lanyard, a charm, some body stickers, and a tote bag. All these add a perky touch to the printer, and are available for redemption from now till 16 March 2019. The printer is available in Rose Gold, Mint Green and Slate Grey.