Nicole Zooms By On The Mobot Starlight 2

Nicole with the Mobot Starlight 2

“I’m totally not an outdoor person, so this scooter will actually suit me as I don’t like to walk long distances! I’ve never tried an electric scooter before but I have ridden a kick scooter, so the Mobot Starlight 2 is actually very similar, you just kick off and once you have a bit of speed you can push down the accelerator. I’m not used to using the electric brake on the handle, but I knew how to use the manual brake over the rear wheel. It’s also pretty easy to balance, the wheels might be small, but they are quite wide and stable and I thought the deck was quite big. The scooter is quite light and I reckon you could carry it on an MRT train or bus. It’s pretty suitable for beginners as you can set the speed to 15kmh first then go faster to 25kmh once you get used to the ride.

Nicole is a very smart girl who’s currently undergrad doing a double specialisation in accounting and finance. When not in the gym you can find her on Instagram @dreamatomy.

Mobot Starlight 2

Mobot Starlight 2

The recently launched Mobot Starlight 2 combines portability and versatility with affordability, and has a sleek design that’s easy to fold up in one step, and is great for city dwellers who commute. You can use it to zip along from home to the bus stop, then carry it onboard as it weighs just 7kg. With a bright front LED and rear lights the Starlight 2 ensures you’re safe while riding in the dark.