Your Music, The Way You Want It, With The Edifier M3600D

This Chinese New Year, you can drown out the sound of relatives asking you intrusive personal questions with the Edifier M3600D! They’re currently retailing at a special price for the season too, which makes it even better.

An Audio Experience That Doesn’t Kill The Wallet

Edifier M3600D set

The M3600D features a total power output of 200 watts. The bass pounding subwoofer outputs a total of 130 watts, so you can really feel the impact of your movies, games, or music. The 8-inch subwoofer driver is meant to be used with your personal computer, to elevate your sound experience.

It comes in three pieces, the main subwoofer and two satellite drivers. The satellite drivers are tilted at an angle for optimum sound. All three parts are also THX certified, which means you’re guaranteed a smooth and professional-level audio experience.

The inputs located on the subwoofer’s back panel are also easy to set up and use. You can connect to 4 devices using the RCA, AUX, coaxial, and optical connections. Digital connections on the speaker system are great for connecting to your TV, game console, computer, or Blu-ray player. The analogue connectors, such as line-in, make it easy for you to connect your record players, if you’re an old-school type.

For those of you who like to get into the nitty gritty details, here are the specifications:

Total Power Output RMS 35W x 2 + 130W
Signal to Noise Ratio R/L: ≥84dB(A) SW: ≥80dB(A)
Frequency Response 40Hz-20KHz
Input Sensitivity Line 1: R/L: 600 ±50mV SW: 1300 ±mV

Line 2: R/L: 800 ±50mV SW: 1700 ±mV

AUX: R/L: 550 ±50mV SW: 1200 ±mV

Opt/Coax: R/L: 350 ±50mV SW: 750 ±mV

Input Type Optical, Coaxial, Line in, AUX
Midrange & Bass Unit 8” (210mm)
Treble Unit 2 3/4 inches(70mm)

Chinese New Year Promotion

Edifier M3600D CNY promotion

As mentioned, you can also get the Edifier M3600D at the special price of $199 this CNY, from its usual price of $249. The promo period ends on 28 Feb 2018, so get your hands on these ASAP!