Ashley Sings Along with the X-mini KAI X1 W

“This is a pretty small Bluetooth speaker, and I’d like to take it to the beach – sometimes it can get too quiet for me so playing music while chilling sounds great. Its waterproof so that’s great for outdoor activities, but I don’t think its drop-proof.

Pairing one X-mini KAI X1 W speaker over Bluetooth is simple, but I thought getting two to sync for stereo music would have been more difficult! All you have to do after you sync the pair the first speaker to your phone is double-tap the pairing button on the second speaker and it syncs with the first, so you can use two speakers. I really like the blue and white colour versions, and there’s also a little mounting point that lets you screw in a detachable D-ring for a strap, fit it to tripods and even bicycle handlebar mounts. For its size the sound is pretty okay, with a bit of bass, and with two speakers.”

You might find our NXT Angel Ashley to look familiar. That’s because when she’s not working as an events model she acts part time and has appeared in a number of local TV shows and commercials. You can find her on Instagram @ashleyserene10

X-mini KAI X1 W

X-Mini Kai X1 W in Red

The new KAI X1 W Bluetooth speakers from X-mini has IPX7 waterproof rating, which makes them handy for outdoor activities where they may get splashed or even accidentally dropped into a pool for a few minutes. With 8 hours of battery life and a large 50mm audio driver, they’re great for blasting out your tunes, plus they have a built-in mic so you can use them as a handsfree speaker. Pair two together and you’ll enjoy a full True Wireless Stereo sound experience.